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Your Music On Your Day

Thirty years is a long time to be ingrained in the wedding industry and through those years, and all of those experiences, I’ve learned a great many things about the different types of music available for your special day. A recent article by Audra Jones over at The Charlottesville Weddings Blog pointed out that while many people think live bands have no negatives, or that djs are fairly risk-free, and she proceeded to make some great arguments as to why that isn’t the case. So, when you are considering music for your wedding, first consider the differences between the two and what their drawbacks are.

Santa Barbara’s AMS Entertainment

Why they can be great:
-They are interested in accommodating you and letting you make the playlist personal.
-A DJ can cover a wide variety of genres and often have the majority of popular songs.
-Usually a DJ will only need a small amount of space in order to get setup.
-Compared to live bands, a DJ is cheap and can cost hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.
-Good DJs react to the crowd and provide musical changes in order to keep things kicking.

A few considerations:
-Finding a good DJ is very important and you’ll want to make sure they come recommended.
-Your non-dancing guests may be a bit bored by a DJ compared to a live band.

Santa Barbara’s Area 51

Live Bands
Why they can be great:
-A stellar band knows how to work a crowd and the mood that they create is unique.
-They can also react to and mold their musical selection based on the mood of your guests.
-Live bands provide a unique atmosphere that will help make your wedding memorable.
-If your wedding has a specific theme, like rock or classical, then they can directly reflect that.

A few considerations:
-A live band will often cost far more than DJ based their size and quality.
-Bands take up a lot of space and may need special accommodations.
-The venue is very important for a live band and how their acoustics will react to that environment.
-A loud live band in a cramped environment might ruin make it hard for your guests to converse.

La Cumbre Country Club

When your big day comes just remember that DJs and Live Bands are both great forms of entertainment for your wedding, but they do each provide different styles of music that come with their own ups and downs. Take a look at these great Santa Barbara bands and DJs below:

Area 51 (Live Band)
Music By Bonnie (DJ service)
Scott Topper Productions (DJ service)
AMS Entertainment (DJ, Photo Booths and more)

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